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About CIN Search

Company Identification Number (CIN) is a number issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India (MCA) when a company registers itself with the Registrar of Companies.

CIN has a total of 21 digits that represent various details about a company

For Example TCS CIN Number is L22210MH1995PLC084781

L 22210 MH 1995 PLC 084781 is the CIN structure part details that represent the following information

1st digit `L` represents the Listing Status, if not listed `U` is shown

Next 5 digits represent the national industry code NIC code : 22210

Next 2 digits represent the State code i.e. `MH` for Maharashtra

Next 4 digits represent the Year of Incorporation. : `1995`

Next 3 digits represent Ownership details. If the company is a Public Limited Company the code is PLC. If the company is a Private Limited Company its is PTC. : `PLC`

The Last 6 digits is the RoC registration number : `084781` RoC Mumbai

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