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Chawla Line, Subhashganj, Itarsi, 461111, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Company: Natraj Proteins Limited
Cin: L00153mp1990plc006090
Din: 18188
Name: Umesh Narayan Trivedi
Address: Chawla Line, Subhashganj, Itarsi, 461111, Madhya Pradesh, India
Designation: Director
Appointment dt: 31/01/2003
Crld: 0
Crld dt: 2018-02-20 10:58:33
Page id: 1

Umesh Narayan Trivedi Info

About Umesh Narayan Trivedi

Umesh Narayan Trivedi is a Director as per Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India. Umesh Narayan Trivedi's individual registration number with MCA for Directors is , the Director Identification Number. To find the list of companies Umesh Narayan Trivedi is serving or has served visit Umesh Narayan Trivedi's Affiliations More details if any in our database relating to Umesh Narayan Trivedi can be found in this

Address of Umesh Narayan Trivedi

The registered address of Umesh Narayan Trivedi as per information held with Registrar of Companies ROC is Chawla Line, Subhashganj, Itarsi, 461111, Madhya Pradesh, India. This address is usually the office address or other documented address of companies' which Umesh Narayan Trivedi works for but can also be Umesh Narayan Trivedi's residence as well

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Associations & Affiliations

Umesh Narayan Trivedi, Being a trustee for a corporate firm, depending upon company legislation and business policy may or may not be associated with other companies and boards. If you would like to add comments on Umesh Narayan Trivedi please write to our comments section below. The following are the list of companies in which Umesh Narayan Trivedi has been a director:

Umesh Narayan Trivedi is Director for Company Natraj Proteins Limited with Cin L00153mp1990plc006090 and appointed as Director on 31/01/2003. To find the names of all directors of NATRAJ PROTEINS LIMITED please check our Natraj Proteins Limited company Directors List page.

To view information about each company , follow the Cin numbers above by clicking them.

Role and Responsibilities

Like any Director Umesh Narayan Trivedi has been overseeing, managing, and strategizing the plans and making decisions to improve company performance. As a director, Umesh Narayan Trivedi has performed and taken executive level decision during his office ensuring the objectives of the company are met. Being a member in the company board of directors, Umesh Narayan Trivedi is part to Company reports, performance, quality initiatives and corporate responsibilities like shareholding structure, taxation and dividends and regulatory liabilities
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